3 Quick Tips to Consider When Choosing an Attorney

The decision to hire an attorney is often made during a stressful time.  You may want to consider these 3 quick tips when meeting potential attorneys:

#1 Focus of practice:  Focusing on one area of the law allows for a deeper understanding in that particular area.  Consider this – if you needed heart surgery, would you ask for your family doctor or insist on a cardiologist?

#2 Asking about your goals:  Although an exact outcome can rarely be guaranteed, a successful attorney will ask about your goals, provide feedback on a realistic outcome and will work within the existing court system to achieve them to the extent possible.

#3 Trust your instincts:  You and your attorney will be working closely for the duration of your case.  Your attorney will need to know some of the most intimate details of your private life in order to best represent you.  When you leave the first meeting with a potential attorney, you should feel comfortable sharing these details. 

Be aware every situation is unique.  If you have questions about your individual situation, please contact an attorney.  This post should not be considered legal advice.