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Once we fully understand your situation, concerns and goals, we can help you choose the best path to resolve your family law matter.  You will always have a clear road map of what lies ahead.


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Our goal is to move you quickly and efficiently, from dispute, to resolution. We have the skills to help you work towards settlement and, if necessary, the experience to resolve your matter in court.

Practice Areas

We have extensive experience representing individuals in complicated divorces, motions to modify, child custody and support cases, paternity matters, relocations, orders of protection, pre and post-nuptial agreements and contempt actions.

We represent clients in St. Louis County, St. Louis City, St. Charles County and Jefferson County.

When is My Divorce Judgment Final?

There is often some confusion surrounding this question.  Simple Answer:  you will be divorced on the day the judge signs your divorce judgment.  Complicated Answer:  Although you will be divorced on the day the judge signs your divorce judgment, the law allows for up...

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How much child support will I receive?

It depends. Missouri family courts use a chart called the Form 14 to determine a monthly presumed child support amount. When the court analyzes child support, and works to complete a Form 14, they will consider various items, including the following: Gross Income:...

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Common Law Marriage – What is it?

Marriage has not always been as formal as we see it today. In fact, marriages were once private agreements between individuals and families. In 1753, Britain passed The Marriage Act, the first statutory legislation in England to require formal marriage ceremonies, but...

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